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President Message

Mr. Rocky POON

‍It is my great honour being elected the President of FEMC for the term 2019/ 2021. In the past 18 years, FEMC has grown successfully not only in membership but also in the expansion of outreaching to and collaboration with different governmental, institutional, professional and private stakeholders. My heartfelt thanks must go to the past presidents, James Chiu, Otto Poon, and Paul Chong for their capable leadership, invaluable contribution and insights. On the other hand, the collaborative and uncompromised support provided by Constituent Associations, ACRA, ECA, EMCA, FSICA, PSWTA and LECA, has strengthened our common goal and our unity in representing the E&M industry in all respects.

Equitable and fair contract arrangement and conditions together with legislating Security of Payment for enforcement remain a challenge and objective of E&M industry over the years. FEMC has been and will continue in dialogues, liaisons and working groups with stakeholders and business partners, particularly with the government to realize these legitimate demands for sustainable business and growth of the industry in long term. Collaboration and spirit of mutual trust and cooperation as the theme under NEC are our strong belief to drive the industry forward for business faith and industry improvement.

Adaptation to changes through knowledge, experience, innovation and collaboration will allow the industry to stay competitive in the complex business and social environment of the future. Aging workforce, shortage of workers and practitioners, progress delays and rising construction costs are compelling factors driving for a solution through process re-engineering. Fit for Purpose, Design for Manufacture and Assembly, and Advanced Construction Technology are three core initiatives that FEMC have been exploring and striving to engage in order to improve productivity, reduce wastages and enhance construction performance. These initiatives require concerted effort from planning, design and installation through to operations & maintenance and refurbishment, and involve supervising, engineering and labour at all levels.

Technological development poses challenges and equally threats to the human workforce. Building information modeling, artificial intelligence, robotics, internet of things and others are products of today’s digital age that bring changes and transformation to the industry. But human beings shall not be replaced when education and continuous professional development up keeping one’s skills, knowledge and advancement to lead in the forefront. FEMC has been providing training, talks and experience sharing platforms to members through effort of Constituent Associations and collaboration with government and institutions. Successful growth of the industry and use of digital technology and innovation rely very much on sustainable human resources, and our Youth Committee is the platform for attracting young talents to join the industry, develop their competence and excel their aspirations and outreaches.

E&M industry contributes to build and improve living in different aspects with commitment in reducing carbon footprints. FEMC strives to be a sustainable business entity and with that Corporate Social Responsibility is part of its objective, which is extended to its members. Social caring and volunteering activities will be strengthened in the coming time. So may I invite all members to join hands and try with enthusiasm to become a CSR recognized business entity, to reach and serve the community, particularly those in need.

Changes and transformation, innovation and digital construction, revolving business and social environment and uncertainty of different kinds pose positive and negative prospects. They are the driving force and impetus for the industry to look forward in concerted effort to build and sustain a prosperous development.

Last but not the least, may I again express my heartfelt thanks to the Constituent Associations, every member and every business partner for their unfailing support to FEMC and unrelenting passion for our industry.

Rocky POON